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How to look Great on Google my Business?

What is Google My Business ?

Google My Business Importance in SEO

Google My Business is a free tool by google which enables any Google user to list their business on the google platform. GMB business helps your business to be visible on Google local Search and Google Map so that it is visible to people searching for your business name in your particular region or city. More and more SEO professionals start the process by listing websites on GMB platform because it increases the reach and visibility on the google search console.More than 90% users convert to a business by just going to your website through the GMB link.

How to Make Your Google My Business Listing Live?

In order to list your business on GMB you should have a valid gmail account You can go to and login normally through your gmail account.Make sure you fill in all the required information on the Info tab of the my business page.
Here are some of the Tips for optimizing your GMB Listing:

  1. Add Keywords to Your Post/Title: A good practice is to add relevant keywords to your post titles and descriptions so that it is easier forgoogle to find you on the search network. Example: If you are an Interior designer in New York you should add the keyword “Interior Designer in New York” in your listing some where.

2.Add your precise location: Adding the precise Business location helps users navigate easily to your business. This is generally helpfull in the case of a physical store or outlet. No matter whether you are  a big fish or a local business it is easier for people to locate you on maps if you give the correct information.

Add Photos & Videos:Photos and videos help in increasing the profile’s credibilty. Profile with cover pictures and photos tend to get more visitors as it looks more genuine and authentic.

Update Regularly:If you want to reach more and more people through your business you need to update your posts with “interesting” content every day or altrnate days depending upon your schedule.

Last But Not The Least: Do Not Leave the profile “Incomplete”:An incomplete profile gives a wrong impression to te users and hence the response rates would reduce if your profile is not fully complete.

I hope the above article elps you a long way in creating a successful “GMB” page and Grow your business to a new level. Cheers!!For Local SEO get a free consultation from us or visit Code Village


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